Additive for Automatic Gear Boxes

Lubegard Transmission Flush

The care cleaner for all transmissions


This oil-based cleaning agent, in conjunction with the LXE technology, both a tremendous cleaning and a caring effect. It leaves no dangerous substances after use.



  • Dissolves up to 98% of all residues
  • Does not attack metals, plastics or rubber
  • Is mild and absolutely harmless
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Is very efficient with and without flush device
  • Prepares the unit for refilling with Lubegard products with LXE
  • Recommended for every oil change

Packaging size:


LUB-95001 (296 ml)

Lubegard Platinum

The top product for automatic transmissions


The unique synthetic Synergol® TMS technology makes it a true universal product. For all automatic transmissions *




  • Improves the gear changing behavior
  • Eliminates confusion when using different ATF's
  • Reduces the oil temperature in the automatic transmission
  • Extends the useful life of the lubricant
  • Loosens stuck valves
  • Prevents clutch and torque converter vibrations
  • Indispensable for vehicles with trailers
  • Strong increased power reserves

Packaging size:


LUB-63010 (296 ml)

Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx

Dr. Tranny Shudder Fixx has been specially developed to determine if shifting problems with the automatic transmission are an oil problem or a mechanical failure.


Simple application


Add in the automatic gearbox and drive the car for a maximum of 200 km. If the symptoms get better or even disappear, the gearbox oil needs to be changed. If the symptoms persist it is a mechanical defect and a gear repair must be performed.




  • Favorable diagnostic agent for gearbox problems
  • Concentrated friction modifier
  • Reacting very fast, quick results

Packaging size:


LUB-19610 (59 ml)

Lube1 ATF Diagnosis Oil

Diagnostic oil to determine if the automatic oil needs to be changed or if there is a mechanical problem.



1. Fill a bottle into the automatic transmission

2. Drive 100 to 200km

3. If the transmission works better change automatic transmission fluid


If no improvement occurs, there could be a mechanical damage.


Packaging size:


L1-07035 (300ml)