Additive for Power Steering

Lubegard Power Steering Flush

Cleaning additive for power steering



  • for all power steerings
  • recommended at every oil change


  • safely removes deposits and impurities
  • prepares system for new fluid
  • conditions and revitalizes seals and components
  • deters internal power steering fluid leakage from developing
  • may postpone or eliminate the need to replace power steering components
  • cleans, conditions and prepares the entire system for replacement of worn components

Container size:

  • LUB-95040 (118 ml)

Lubegard power steering protectant

Enhancer for power steering fluid



  • for all power steerings
  • universal top-off fluid


  • lowers temperature and extends fluid life
  • improves heat transfer from the fluid to the case wall and out the gear box 
  • eliminates power steering noises and whines
  • improves power steering system performance
  • eliminates rack and pinion steering stiffness
  • frees sticky turbines and pumps
  • extends system and fluid life
  • reduces wear, thus extending the life of the power steering system
  • increases responsiveness
  • eliminates stiffness on cold mornings
  • prevents thermal and oxidative breakdown
  • safe for seals and hoses

Container sizes:

  • LUB-20404 (118 ml)