Cleaners for air conditioning systems and evaporators

Cleaning Kit A/c

Professional cleaning kit for air conditioning. Requires only compressed air connection (max 6 bar). Allows you to clean sections of the air conditioning system efficiently and cleanly. Contains 4 bottles of special cleaning liquid FF-1.


Art. : AC-18090 (kit with 4 x 1000ml cleaning liquid)

Art. : AC-26002 (cleaning liquid, 1000ml)

Klitech A/C Quick Flush

The quick and easy solution for cleaning air conditioning systems. Usable immediately. Does not require any accessories.

Content: 600 ml


Art.: AC-1004


Simple and flexible adapter flush set for bypassing components that cannot be flushed, e.g. compressor, dryer, expansion valve: Compressor, dryer, expansion valve. Suitable for almost all line and fitting diameters complete with 90 cm hose.


Art.-Nr.: AC-120019

quick filter AC-110029, 11029-YF, 110030

 Quick filter to protect the A/C service unit from impurities, solids and abrasion. The condition of the PAG oils, as well as the use of contrast agent, is visible on the integrated filter. Quick and very easy to use.


01: Art.-Nr.: AC-110029 (quick filter R-134a)

02: Art.-Nr.: AC-110029-YF (quick filter R-1234yf)

03: Art.-Nr.: AC-110030 (quick filter insert, 5 Stk.)


Strong cleaning foam for insertion into the ventilation system. Cleans the evaporator and ventilation ducts thoroughly.

Contents: 400 ml.  


Art.-Nr.: AC-1003


Cleaning spray with great effectiveness with little effort. With the fan switched on and the pollen filter removed, the cleaner is applied to the ventilation. Lasting freshness due to essential oils. Now available in 500 ml spray bottle.

Contents: 500 ml


Art.-Nr.: AC-KC1