Klitech Ozon Purifier

Ideal for the neutralization of odors in the cabin of vehicles and in the air conditioning systems. Organic compounds (bacteria, mold, etc.) responsible for bad odors are fought quickly, efficiently and without the use of chemicals. 


Art. : AC-120017

Klitech Sonic Clean

Ultrasonic electronic nebulizer. In combination with Sonic Clean cleaning liquids, it eliminates bad odors effectively. Duration of treatment: approx. 12 minutes.

Art. : AC-120045

Cleaning Liquid sonic clean

Special cleaning fluid for the Sonic Clean system. Available in three fresh and pleasant scents.

Content: 250 ml


Art.: AC-120048 (Sonic Lemon - Citrus fruits)

Art.: AC-120049 (Sonic Fresh - Breeze)

Art.: AC-120050 (Sonic Mint - Mint) 

Smoke Clean & Pet Clean

Klitech Smoke Clean eliminates the unpleasant odors of smoke and cold tobacco.

Klitech Pet Clean eliminates animal odors in the passenger compartment.

Thanks to their technology, Smoke Clean and Pet Clean neutralize odors and leave a fresh smell inside the vehicle. Unique use. Content: 200 ml 


Art. : AC-120043 (Smoke Clean)

Art. : AC-120044 (Pet Clean)

Klitech Pure Air

Deodorants for the passenger compartment of vehicles. Neutralize bad smells and leave a pleasant scent. Single use spray.

Content: 250 ml


Art.: AC-120046 (Pure Air Lemon - Citrus fruits)

Art.: AC-120047 (Pure Air Vanilla - Vanilla)


The Permanent Aroma Sticks are the ideal addition to aromatise the vehicle interior. They can be placed directly on the pollen filter or in the air outlet fitting and are therefore invisible, providing approx. 4 weeks of freshness.

Contents: PU 12 pieces


Art.: AC-590235 "Summer

Art.: AC-590236 "Winter apple"

Art.: AC-590237 "Lemon

Art.: AC-590238 "Vanilla

Art.: AC-590239 "New Car"