Formiergas Lecksuche

Forming gas Sniffer Pro

The forming gas Sniffer Pro is a selective gas detector for forming gas (hydrogen) with dual sensor technology.


The Sniffer Pro only reacts to hydrogen. Interfering gases such as petrol and oil vapours therefore have no negative influence on the measurement result. This compact and handy device reliably indicates even the smallest leaks with an acoustic signal and digital values. The integrated pump makes troubleshooting quicker and clearer. The robust aluminium housing protects the technology from damage. If hydrogen is detected, the Sniffer Pro gives acoustic and otpical signals.


The Sniffer Pro is "Made in Germany". Supplied in a practical storage case.


Art.-Nr.: AC-120016

Forming gas single cartridges

Special forming gas 95% N2 and <4% H2 in disposable gas cartridges for up to 10 vehicles. In combination with our gas pressure test set Junior Art. AC-120020-YF (R1234yf), Art. AC-120020 (R134a)


For special leak detection of leaking vehicle air conditioning systems.


VPE: 12 cartridges


Art.-Nr.: AC-120022

Leak detection with contrast medium


Contrast agent tested SAE. Contains no solvents and is harmless to air conditioning systems as well as service stations. With dosing device. Compatible with all service stations according to SAE J2297 standard. For all lubricants based on PAG, PAO, POE, and mineral oils. 

Suitable for:

  • R134a
  • R1234yf
  • Hybride/Electro

Art. : 

  • AC-120036 (bottle, 250 ml)


SAE tested contrast agent containing eBoost air conditioning additives. EBoost additives regenerate the compressor oil.


Suitable for:

  • R134a
  • R1234yf
  • Hybride/Electro

Art. :

  • AC-499009 (bottle, 240 ml)
  • AC-499109 (cartridge, 240 ml)*


* requires Spotgun gun (Art. AC-4715356)

contrast agent Junior

SAE tested contrast agent for the Junior injection set. For manual insertion into the system after service (air conditioning filled). To be introduced through the low pressure port with the compressor running. For all lubricants based on PAG, PAO, POE, and mineral oils.


Suitable for :

  • R134a
  • R1234yf
  • Hybride/Electro

 Art. :

  • AC-399020EU (cartridges, 30 ml)*
  • AC-399006EU (cartridges, 7.5 ml)*

* requires Spotgun gun (Art. AC-98000057)

UV Phazer NEO


The UV leak detector with high-performance illuminant. Outperforms all comparable UV LED lamps. The light waves are specially tuned to dilute UV contrast agent and thereby improve the overall performance.


Scope of delivery: UV lamp Phazer Neo, UV protection glasses, USB charging cable lamp of high quality.

Contents: UV Phazer Neo, UV protection glasses, USB charging cable 

Art. : AC-110023

UV Phazer Black


Latest generation UV lamp with LED chip with a power of 810. Eloxed hardened aluminum finish. With manual zoom.


Contents: UV Phazer Black, UV protective glasses, 3 AAA batteries


Art. : AC-120024

UV lamp with magnifying glass

UV lamp with magnifying glass integrated to facilitate the search for leaks.


Content: UV lamp, UV protective glasses, carrying case


Art. : AC-120041