Klitech Compressor Oils

All Klitech compressor oils are double end-capped to ensure a longer life time.

Overview of Klitech air conditioning oils:


Klitech PAG068 Premium 

Premium and universal PAG compressor oil suitable for PAG 046, 068 and 100 viscosities, as well as for R134a and R1234yf refrigerants.

Content 250 ml.


Art.-Nr. AC-PAGPREM-250

Klitech POE100

Specially designed for hybrid and electric vehicles whose compressor requires a POE oil. Universal for R134a and R1234yf refrigerant.

Content 250 ml.


Art.-Nr. AC-POE100-250

Compressor oils

Klitech PAO068 Universal

Universal oil for viscosity PAG 046, 068 und 100. Available without or with UV contrast agent. For R134a.

Content 250 ml.


Art. AC-PAO068-250

Art. AC-PAO068-250D (with UV contrast agent)


Klitech PAG046 und PAG100

Compressor oil for R134a. Available without or with UV contrast agent. Respect the viscosity.

Content 250 ml.


Art. AC-PAG046-250

Art. AC-PAG046-250D (with UV contrast agent)

Art. AC-PAG100-250

Art. AC-PAG100-250D (with UV contrast agent)

eBoost PAG068

eBoost PAG068 is an air conditioning service oil of the latest generation. Integrated air conditioning additives act like balm for the air conditioning system. Can be used universally for PAG 046 and PAG 100. Contains UV contrast agent. 


Content 480 ml


Art.-Nr. AC-488016P


High quality oil. Suitable for all vacuum pumps.


Art.-Nr. AC-15023 (500 ml)


Syringe 50ml with low pressure adapter R1234yf


Art.-Nr. AC-110052