Lube1 Power Steering Fluid

Lube1 Premium PSF

Lube1 Premium PSF is suitable for all servo pump steering systems in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.


Thanks to the unique AACP * technology, the Lube1 Premium PSF can be easily mixed and filled with all commercially available steering oils.


With Lube1 Premium PSF, every car workshop / garage only needs one steering oil and no more expensive special oils. This simplifies the workload and reduces costs.



  • For filling and refilling of power steering systems
  • Meets all specifications of the manufacturer
  • Replaces all special oils for power steering
  • Reduces noise in power steering systems
  • Cleans and loosens stuck turbines & pumps
  • Extends the life of components & fluid
  • Loosens stuck steering valves
  • Ensures a long and trouble-free operation of the system
  • Covers over 96% of all power steering systems


  •  L1-06001 (1 l)
  • L1-06005 (5 l)
  • L1-06020 (20 l)