The new fully automatic automatic transmission oil service station is designed for flushing and changing the oil in DSG and automatic transmissions.

In contrast to other devices on the market, this device works with an integrated and constantly updated database including work instructions. It is controlled using a detachable 10.1" tablet. Step-by-step instructions for trouble-free oil changes.

Special Adapter Mercedes


For car with 9 speed gearbox

Art. Nr. FD-A841983

Special Adapter Volvo


For car with TG81 gearbox

Art. Nr. FD-A841940

Special Adapter MINI


For car with Aisin 6 speed gearbox

Art. Nr. FD-A841933

Special Adapter Audi 8G


For gearbox: OBK,OBW,OBL 

Art. Nr. FD-A841914

Lube1 Tire Grease L1-07902 400ml

Facilitates the mounting and dismounting of tyres

  • For all types of car tyres specifically for Runflat
  • Also for the latest car tyre technologies
  • Safe for aluminium, metals and rubber



  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray on tyre bead
  • Perform work immediately

Lube1 Fuel System Cleaner L1-07701

New: Replaces among others

GM Gasoline Additive 95599923 and

VW Gasoline Additive G 001 780 M3 and

VW Diesel Additives G 001 790 M3

Lube1 ATF Diagnosis Oil

Diagnostic oil to determine if the automatic oil needs to be changed or if there is a mechanical problem.



1. Fill a bottle into the automatic transmission

2. Drive 100 to 200km

3. If the transmission works better change automatic transmission fluid


If no improvement occurs, there could be a mechanical damage.

Packaging size:


 L1-07035 (300ml)

Lube1 Cooler Flush


Cleaner for transmission cooler


For the professional cleaning of transmission coolers. Available as direct application or with flush gun application.



  • Removes greases, wear residues and dirt
  • Does not leave dangerous deposits
  • Compatible with metals and joints
  • Does not contain water, chlorine, or halogens

Article numbers

  1. Cooler Flush - direct application (L1-07609-K)
  2. Cooler Flush - flush gun application (L1-07609-G)
  3. Cooler Flush - flush gun (L1-07609-G-1)

Lube1 Premium ATF M-9G

Lube1 Premium ATF M-9G was specially developed for use in the Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic transmission of W9A 700 line (9 speed). Lube1 Premium ATF M-9G can also be used in transmissions with specification MB 236.16 (A 001 989 92 09), as this specification was replaced by MB 236.17.


Attention! Lube1 Premium ATF M-9G is not backwards compatible with older transmission types.


Performance Level:

MB 236.17

Lube1 ATF602 Service Concept

A fully-automatic service station for oil change on DSG and automatic transmissions.


With automatic detection and change of flow direction. Exact measurement by tank scale, with 2 x 20 liters replaceable new and used oil tanks, including oil temperature display and level monitoring of the tanks. The device has an internal strong pump for filling. Easy-to-operate TFT / LCD color display with integrated thermal printer.


More information here:

Lube1 Power Foam

Lube1 Power Foam is an active foam for cleaning and degreasing of:

  • glass (windshield, mirrors, windows...)
  • plastics (dashboards , bumpers...)
  • metals
  • fabrics

Art. L1-07608 (500 ml)

Lube1 Super Lube

The ultimate lubricant with many applications for industry, workshops and at home. 


Lube1 Super Lube is:

  • lubricant 
  • penetrating
  • contact spray
  • water displacer
  • rust remover
  • cleaner
  • surface protection 

Art. L1-05000 (400 ml)