Lube1 PSX3000 Service Station

A compact service station for all power steering systems in all vehicles. Universally applicable, and independent of the power grid. Replaces the entire contents of the power steering fluid in minutes without having to loosen a screw or cable. With waste oil self-draining function. A reliable helper for your workshop!


Simple, clean and fast!



  • fast and exact operation by handy remote control
  • replaces the entire old steering oil in a few minutes 
  • no dismantling work necessary
  • with automatic draining function of waste oil tank



  • PSX3000 service station
  • Lube1 power steering fluid tests
  • 6x Lubegard Power Steering Flush
  • 20 Liter Lube1 Premium PSF 

Article number:

  • FD-PSX3000-SD