Lube1 TS410 Service Concept

The TSD450E is a fully automatic automatic transmission service station that changes the total oil content in open and closed systems in less than 5 minutes. Its patented sensor technology is approved by OEM manufacturers. It monitors and ensures a permanent oil exchange. The integrated cleaning program guarantees an optimal and safe rinsing out of all oil-soluble impurities and deposits from the automatic transmission.


Simple, clean and fast, without additional flushing oil!



  • fully automatic automatic transmission service station
  • for closed systems
  • fully automatic oil change - reliable and fast through illuminated and interactive LCD menu
  • also suitable for DSG and dual clutch transmissions
  • strong pump (10L / min.) changes the entire capacity in less than 5 min. out
  • 23L fresh oil tank, 23L used oil tank
  • internal memory during power interruption (black box)
  • 12 volt power supply


  • automatic transmission service station TS410E
  • 20 Liter Lube1 Premium ATF
  • 2x Lubegard Transmission Flush
  • 1x Lube1 Gearbox Cleaner
  • 25 Stk. Lube1 ATF tests
  • handpump for introduction of Transmission Flush
  • DSG adapter (VW, Skoda, Seat)
  • adapter 12mm BMW/Jaguar/Mercedes
  • adapter 10mm BMW/Jaguar/Mercedes
  • adapter Mercedes 722.6
  • Audi multiadapter
  • 1x advertising box

Article number:

  • FD-TS410-SD