The Lube1 Concept for DPF Cleaning

The combustion of diesel fuel produces soot particles that accumulate in the diesel particulate filter (DPF). Due to low engine speeds, short-haul and city traffic, and traffic jams, the DPF does not get hot enough to burn the soot particles. As a result, the DPF gets clogged.


The result is:

  • increased fuel consumption
  • bad performance
  • error messages
  • in the worst case this can lead to a total failure of the vehicle

The solution:  Lube1 DPF Cleaning - Starter Kit

The Lube1 DPF Cleaning Starter Kit is a complete set for professional DPF cleaning.

  • cleans the diesel particulate filter reliably
  • restores the engine's performance
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • set is designed for cleaning up to 6 vehicles *
  • simple application without removing the diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • universal for all diesel particulate filters of all brands

* depending on the DPF's condition


  • Simple - application in built-in condition.
  • Fast - The diesel particulate filter can be cleaned quickly and effectively in the workshop.
  • Efficient - The Lube1 DPF cleaning concept cleans the entire diesel particulate filter - not just a narrow channel is burned free.
  • Reliable - deposits are flushed out during the flushing process and thus do not remain in the diesel particulate filter, where they can again bind carbon residues and block the filter again.

Article numbers:

  • L1-07601 (Lube1 DPF Cleaning - Starter Kit)
  • L1-07603 (Lube1 DPF Flush - 5 l)
  • L1-07603-1 (Lube1 DPF Flush - 1 l)
  • L1-07604 (Lube1 DPF Rinse - 5 l)
  • L1-07604-1 (Lube1 DPF Rinse - 1 l)