Lube1 Fuel System Cleaner (L1-07701)

The ultimate fuel system cleaner for petrol and diesel engines 


The problem

 Increasing demands for low fuel consumption and the associated low CO2 emissions with the lowest possible exhaust gas values necessitate a change to modern gasoline and diesel engines with direct injection.


The growing proportion of biofuels is increasingly leading to residues and deposits in the combustion chambers and results in:


- Poorer fuel efficiency

- LSPI (low speed pre-ignition)

- Higher emission level 

- Carbon deposits in the injection system and diesel particle filters (DPF) 


Mistakes such as "missfire codes" are often the result.


The Solution


The PEA (Poly Ether Amines) and patented PAC technologies were developed specifically for these needs. Thanks to these patented technologies, the Lube1 Fuel System Cleaner (art. no. L1-07701) ensures perfect removal of all residues and leads to optimal combustion values and optimized power output.


The Lube1 Fuel System Cleaner has been developed for ALL direct injection engines that run on diesel, biodiesel, gasoline and biofuels. Replaces among others GM Gasoline Additive 95599923 and VW Gasoline Additive G 001 780 M3 and VW Diesel Additives G 001 790 M3.

Injection - Before

Injection - After

Art. Number:

  • L1-07701 (250 ml)



  • Cleans the entire injection system, especially the injection nozzles, the combustion chamber and the diesel particle filter from combustion residues.
  • Reduces the emissions Ø 18% (up to 30%)
  • Increases the power delivery of the engine up to 5%.
  • Binds water in the tank
  • Prevents error messages (missfire codes)
  • Maintains pipes, seals and injection systems.

Injector - Before

Injector - After