Lube1 Intake Valve Cleaner

Cleaner for Intake Valves and Turbo



Intake valves of modern vehicles are very susceptible to deposits due to direct injection because they are not cleaned by the flow of fuel.


Already 100 mg deposits have a negative effect on the function of the intake valves. Over time, these deposits coke. The result is a hard, lava stone-like mass. Coked inlet valves can damage the cylinder walls and gaskets. Chippings are deposited in the catalyst, where they form so-called hot spots and destroy catalytic elements.


Cleaning additives that are added to the fuel tank of the vehicle have little effect because the intake valves are not touched by the fuel.


Note: Only suitable for gasoline engines!




Lube1 - Intake Valve Cleaner


Due to its very high combustion temperature, the Lube1 inlet valve cleaner remains active until it has reached the component to be cleaned.


The application of the Lube1 - Intake Valve Cleaner is simple, safe and no accessories are needed.


Article number:

  • L1-07607 (400 ml)


  • high dissolving power
  • simple and safe application
  • quick acting
  • consumption lowering

Cleaning effect