Lube1 Gearbox Cleaner

Special Cleaner for Gearboxes, oil pans and more




Modern transmissions are becoming more and more sensitive and the materials used more and more complex. Lube1 Gearbox Cleaner was specially developed for these needs.




Thanks to special cleaning substances, it is a product specifically for the professional user, which ensures safe and strong cleaning without causing damage in the medium or long term. Lube1 Gearbox Cleaner cleans all internal components of power packs such as control boxes, oil pans, engine interiors, turbo housings and air mass meters.



  • removes all residues, soiling and deposits powerfully and gently
  • contains no dangerous chlorides or aromatic compounds
  • does not contain water (recommended for electronic components)
  • compatible with all metals, sealing materials and elastomers
  • Maintains all components such as pipes and seals of all kinds

Article number:

  • L1-07801 (500 ml)

Lube1 Cooler Flush


Cleaner for transmission cooler


For the professional cleaning of transmission coolers. Available as direct application or with flush gun application.



  • Removes greases, wear residues and dirt
  • Does not leave dangerous deposits
  • Compatible with metals and joints
  • Does not contain water, chlorine, or halogens

Article numbers


  1. Cooler Flush - direct application (L1-07609-K)
  2. Cooler Flush - flush gun application (L1-07609-G)
  3. Cooler Flush - flush gun (L1-07609-G-1)